Startupbootcamp FinTech's FastTrack - Atlanta

conferences speaking engagements Feb 05, 2016

Jay Postma, President of MSB Compliance Inc. was honored to participate as a volunteer startup mentor for Startupbootcamp FinTech's FastTrack held in Atlanta at Emory University's campus on February 5, 2016.  StartUpBootcamp is a global network of accelerator programs working with mentors to support passionate entrepreneurs.

It was a fun, exciting day to work with so many early stage FinTech companies, hear their business pitches and see demonstrations, and to provide compliance and risk mitigation insight and advice.
Participating start ups included:
Equities Lab - Stock Exchanges
Zippay - Cash management for micro businesses
Intrinio - Fin data for analysis
LumoXchange - Money transfer marketplace
Stocks You Love - Personal Finance
Trill Financial - Machine learning asset management
LendLift - Consumer Lending
TradeRocket - a SaaS global financing portal that improves the financial strength of its buyers by providing on demand financing
Coinnections - Risk Management
As a mentor, Mr. Postma provided feedback to the startups first during 10-12 minute mentor speed dating sessions, sharing insights with the startups on how they might improve technology and product.  This portion of mentoring was also to help StartUpBootcamp evaluate the various startups and see if they might be eligible for their program of even deeper assistance.
After the speed dating sessions, teams provided detailed presentations which were reviewed and critiqued by the participating mentors.

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