Training & Support

BSA/AML and OFAC training and support for FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Mobile Remittance, Payment Processors, traditional MSBs and banks.

Online Training

We recognize there are many training needs among financial institutions that may reasonably be met by short, convenient targeted online training classes.  We have created and offer some on our site already. We have plans to continue adding relevant helpful materials. And, if you have a need that might be useful broadly, we can consider developing materials and adding them to the roster.

Tailored Training

Would you like a tailored training program crafted and delivered to your Compliance team, Board of Directors or entire company?

Need an Expert speaker for a conference or customer training event?

We can help!

Coaching & Mentoring

Perhaps you are new to compliance. Or have increased your risk profile. Maybe you've promoted a great person from within who needs some help transitioning to the critical compliance officer role. 

We can help! 

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