Compliance Program

Development of tailored, detailed compliance program supporting risk based transaction monitoring and sanctions filtering.  Expertise helping FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Mobile Remittance, Payment Processors, traditional MSBs and banks.

Tailoring Your BSA/AML and OFAC Compliance Program

Once the BSA/AML/OFAC and anti-fraud risk assessment has been prepared, we will draft a tailored BSA/AML Compliance Program based on the assessment and risk mitigation decisions.  We will review the document with Counsel and the Company and make additional modifications as determined appropriate.  During this phase, there will also be opportunities for us to identify further potential risk mitigants or areas in which specific reporting and/or controls could help ensure effective implementation and management of the program.  We will work with Counsel and the Company to determine reasonable transaction monitoring, velocity thresholds and other measures which can help to mitigate risk.  We will also discuss and provide commentary on any additional areas as determined necessary and beneficial with you.  

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