International Money Transmitters Conferences - World 2014, Miami FL

conferences imtc speaking engagements Oct 09, 2014

Jay Postma, CAMS, President, John Schmarkey, CAMS, CFE, BSA/AML Compliance Specialist, and Erica Harper, CAMS, BSA/AML Compliance Specialist were pleased to attend the Ninth Annual International Money Transmitters Conference held in Miami, FL from October 6 - 9, 2014.  The conference was very well attended with representatives of numerous money transmitters from the world over as well as various regulators, vendors, consultants.  In addition to sharing and learning great information the event always provides for excellent networking, extending existing friendships and making new friends.

Mr. Postma and Mr. Schmarkey were pleased to present on "Profiling Your Customers: Pinpointing Patterns for Increased Vigilance."  The presentation is available at the following SlideShare link.

Mr. Postma also presented on virtual currency (including bitcoin) compliance at the conference, sharing the presentation "VC Compliance: Anti-Money Laundering" which is also available for your view at the following SlideShare link.

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