Community Bankers Assn of GA - BSA Officer School

conferences speaking engagements Feb 06, 2014

Jay Postma, CAMS, President of MSB Compliance Inc. and Co-Chairman of the Atlanta ACAMS Chapter was pleased to present to CBA of GA's BSA Officer School on February 6, 2014. The presentation, Money Services Businesses: Past, Present and Future helped explain to the community bank BSA Officers and compliance assistants in training the types of financial services provided by MSBs, the reasons why many consumers elect to do business with MSBs instead of or in addition to having a bank relationship, the key compliance and risk mitigation practices required of and employed by such entities, and how to best manage MSB customer relationships.

Jay was pleased to be joined at the event and introduce John Schmarkey, CAMS, CFE, Principal at Aceris Financial Group and Co-Chairman of the Atlanta ACAMS Chapter. John helped to introduce ACAMS, the Atlanta Chapter, and to welcome participants into joining ACAMS and participating in Chapter events. As a retired Special Agent, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, John also thanked the participants for their work in helping identify and report suspicious activity and expressed how very important such work has proven in helping to detect, deter and stop various criminal activities.

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