BayPay ATL's Great Blockchain Update of Summer 2019

baypay conferences Aug 19, 2019

ay Postma, CAMS, CFCS, President and Ben Robey, CAMS, BSA/AML Compliance Specialist were pleased to attend BayPay's presentation "The Great Blockchain Update of Summer 2019" held at Georgia Tech's Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC) on the evening of Thursday, August 22, 2019.

The program provided for discussions among four remarkable blockchain Fintech founders giving updates on their companies. Daniel Gouldman from Ternio, Kell Canty from Verady, Mr. B from Mercury Exchange, and Chris Maurice of Yellowcard provided updates on their businesses, advice for new entrepreneurs, and their thoughts on market direction, regulation and other matters over the coming years. Some time was also given for discussion and debate on the new Libra Currency and the Libra Association. Nishant Dass of GaTech Scheller School of Business and leader of the Georgia Tech Blockchain Roundtable moderated the discussion.


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