ATL ACAMS Chapter - How Data, Technology & Automation are Transforming KYC

acams conferences Mar 01, 2018

Jay Postma, President, Erica Harper, Director MSB Services, John Schmarkey, BSA/AML Compliance Specialist, and Doug Dwyer, Director Bank Services were pleased to attend the monthly Atlanta ACAMS Chapter meeting.

Mr. Kevin Bogdanov, Thomson Reuters, presented on:

      How Data, Technology & Automation are Transforming KYC and discussion.

  • Immediate implications of available technology
  • How organizations should look to design a KYC framework to best leverage available data
  • How Thomson Reuters can help

Kevin Bogdanov is Director of Market Development, Americas for Thomson Reuters’s ‘Customer and Third Party Risk Management’ business. He has spent 12 years leading international teams and programs in the Enterprise Information Services, Technology, Finance, Risk and Compliance sectors. He's currently exploring how data, technology, automation and AI will disrupt and redefine the practice of KYC and Third Party Risk Compliance.

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