ACAMS Webinar - MSB Risk Management, Compliance and Money Laundering Challenges in 2012

acams speaking engagements May 09, 2012

This ACAMS web seminar focused on the regulatory fundamentals for MSBs: what is your exposure to enforcement action and how do you fortify your institution’s AML program?  Participants listened and asked questions as presenters reviewed the specific BSA Regulations, section by section. Attendees learned the definition of a money services business; the requirements to have and maintain a sound AML program; why a sound independent examination of your program is necessary; and the various BSA and other money laundering laws that apply to MSBs. Significant challenges include real time risks—participants were lead through discovery of what these risks are and insight into how and why MSBs are used to move money for illicit purposes and what you can do to protect your institution.


Jeff Sklar, CPA, CFF, CAMS, CFS
Managing Director
SHC Consulting Group LLC

Jay Postma, CAMS
MSB Compliance

Michael R McDonald, CAMS
Michael McDonald & Associates, Inc.

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