Bankers Hub webinar- How to Effectively Prepare for Your BSA Audit

speaking engagements Jul 30, 2013

Jay Postma, CAMS, President of MSB Compliance Inc. was honored to present a webinar titled "How to Effectively Prepare for Your BSA Audit" through Bankers Hub to a webinar audience of about 100 institutions.

The session was offered to better prepare financial institutions for a BSA audit and focused on important BSA responsibilities as it relates to payment streams including ACH, Wire Transfer, Remote Deposit Capture and Cards.  Areas covered included Customer Identification Program (CIP), OFAC, suspicious activity monitoring, identification and SAR reporting, risk assessments, currency transaction reports, BSA training, and recordkeeping.

BSA responsibilities were reviewed for these payment streams and tools discussed to help the BSA Officer better provide oversight of the BSA program as it relates to the payment streams.

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