ACAMS Webinar - MSB AML Compliance Briefing: Preparing for 2013

acams speaking engagements Feb 20, 2013

This ACAMS webinar provided a critical briefing for MSBs of all sizes. Be prepared for what’s on the horizon in the coming year and participate in a look-back of the MoneyGram deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) for its failure to maintain an effective AML program. Hear seasoned speakers in the money remittance industry break down the core elements of the DPA and discuss the issues that impact all MSBs. Benefit from a deeper understanding of how to assess your program’s weaknesses and learn to identify best practices that will assist you in fortifying your daily AML operations in the coming year.

Key takeaways:
* Analyzing the lessons of recent DPAs and indictments against MSBs to avoid abetting wire fraud and other crimes
* Successfully filing electronic BSA forms – the new FinCEN requirement
* Broadening your exposure to criminal schemes such as healthcare fraud
* Defining what a foreign MSB is and outlining the registration process


Anthony Rodriguez, CAMS, CPA
Global Compliance Officer
Associated Foreign Exchange (AFEX)


Patrick Jay Postma, CAMS
MSB Compliance

Carol Van Cleef, CAMS
Patton Boggs

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